Matyous Zghaib


PLC is a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with its headquarters at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus in Cambridge, England.


Project Name: Accelerate Fight Against Cancer Awareness
Event Client: Astrazeneca
Deadline: 2 weeks


The objective of this project is to create a logo, key visual, and event branding materials for the “Accelerate Fight Against Cancer” awareness event. The visuals should reflect the theme of the event, convey a sense of urgency, hope, and unity, and inspire individuals to take action against cancer.

Target Audience

The target audience for this event includes medical professionals, researchers, and the general public. The design should be inclusive, appealing to people of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures

thumbnails and mindmap

After conducting thorough research, I approached the logo design by breaking it down into two significant elements: acceleration and cancer. To symbolize acceleration, I wanted to convey the concept of swift human movement, and the image of a runner on a track immediately resonated with me. The dynamic and fast-paced nature of this sport perfectly embodied the essence of acceleration.


In order to represent the fight against cancer, I decided to incorporate a cancer ribbon into the logo design. The cancer ribbon is widely recognized as a powerful symbol associated with raising awareness and support for various types of cancer. Its simple yet impactful shape and its ability to swiftly communicate the idea of cancer made it the ideal choice for this part of the logo.


logo Concept

By combining these elements, I aimed to create a logo that captures the urgency and determination in accelerating the fight against cancer. The runner’s movement represents the drive to move forward swiftly, while the cancer ribbon emphasizes the cause we are striving to combat. This powerful fusion of symbols aims to evoke emotions, raise awareness, and inspire action in the fight against cancer.

Logo Concept

logo Colors

To represent the different cancer categories within the logo, I have selected five distinct colors that symbolize each type. Each color has been thoughtfully chosen to effectively convey and raise awareness for the following cancer categories

Breast Cancer (Pink)

The color pink is widely recognized as the emblem of breast cancer. It symbolizes compassion, strength, and support for those affected by this prevalent form of cancer. By incorporating pink into the logo, we aim to promote awareness, early detection, and solidarity in the fight against breast cancer.

All Cancer (Lavender)

Lavender represents the unity of all cancer types. It serves as a symbol to acknowledge and honor everyone impacted by cancer, regardless of the specific category. By utilizing lavender within the logo, we emphasize the collective effort needed to accelerate the fight against cancer as a whole.

Testicular Cancer (Orchid)

Orchid, a vibrant and distinctive color, represents testicular cancer. This hue is chosen to raise awareness, foster education, and encourage early detection and support for individuals affected by testicular cancer. Orchid serves as a symbol of hope and empowerment in the fight against this specific cancer type.

Prostate Cancer (Light Blue)

Light blue is the designated color for prostate cancer awareness. It embodies qualities of stability, trust, and calmness, highlighting the significance of regular screenings, support, and research to combat prostate cancer.

Ovarian Cancer (Teal)

Teal is the designated color for ovarian cancer awareness. By incorporating teal into the logo, we strive to promote understanding, early detection, and support for individuals impacted by ovarian cancer. Teal serves as a symbol of resilience, awareness, and solidarity in the fight against this particular cancer.

Through the careful selection of these colors within the logo design, i aim to visually represent and advocate for each cancer category. The utilization of distinct colors helps raise awareness, promote education, and inspire action in the battle against breast, testicular, ovarian, Prostate and all cancer types.

THe Final logo

After an iterative design process, I am proud to present the final logo for the "Accelerate Ahed Fight Against Cancer" awareness event

The logo features a dynamic depiction of a running track, symbolizing the concept of acceleration. By incorporating the running track i evoke a sense of speed, energy, and forward momentum.

Intertwined the running track with the cancer ribbon, representing the different cancer categories we are addressing: breast cancer, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and all cancer types. Each ribbon is represented by its corresponding color, signifying unity and solidarity in our fight against cancer.

The overall design is clean, impactful, and memorable. The selected colors – pink for breast cancer, orchid for testicular cancer, teal for ovarian cancer, and lavender for all cancer – effectively represent each category and evoke the desired emotions of hope, support, and awareness.

Key Visual

The overall composition of the key visual is designed to captivate viewers, conveying the conference’s purpose, global reach, and commitment to combating cancer. It combines the requested logo, the world map, the color of all cancers, and the conference logo to create a visually striking and impactful representation of the “Accelerate Fight Against Cancer” conference.

event branding materials

The problem and how I solved it

As a graphic designer, I encountered a significant challenge while working on the “Accelerate Fight Against Cancer” conference. The task at hand was to create a compelling key visual that effectively conveyed the conference’s global impact and its mission to combat cancer. The problem lay in finding the perfect balance between representing the conference’s theme, incorporating the requested logo, highlighting the color of all cancers, and capturing the global interest of the event. It required a thoughtful approach to create a visually striking and meaningful composition that would resonate with the target audience.

To solve this problem, I embarked on extensive research, studying the conference’s objectives, delving into the symbolism of cancer-related elements, and exploring visual representations of global connectivity. This thorough understanding allowed me to craft a concept that aligned with the conference’s vision and goals.

By integrating the requested logo, I ensured the key visual remained true to the conference’s identity and mission. The dynamic runner on a track, intertwined with cancer ribbons in the color of all cancers, represented the collective determination to accelerate progress in fighting cancer.