Matyous Zghaib

Gona Walkabout

App targeted at health and fitness enthusiasts, individuals, groups and families


Project Name: Gone Walkabout App
Client: Finesker Inc, Tafe NSW
Deadline: 3 months


Trails app for walks and hikes named “Gone Walkabout” You will be designing the user interface for this application with a focus on some of the apps key features. The app is targeted at health and fitness enthusiasts who want to find walks, trails and hikes. The app must be compatible with both Apple and Android mobile users.
The app design prototype must have functional usability for at least one (1) user test.

Intended User

The app is targeted at health and fitness enthusiasts, individuals, groups and families. The look and feel of UI needs to be energetic, attractive, and suitable to modern lifestyle of clients. When clients first register on the app they’re prompted to create a profile, this is then used by the app to create recommendations.
For the purpose of this project, the profile will be for a person with reasonable health and fitness, aged in their early 20’s with full mobility who likes to go for walks with their young pet dog.


In approaching the design of the ‘Gone Walkabout’ app, I started by visualizing the main sections and functionality through a mind map. This allowed me to structure the app’s features and navigate the user experience effectively. The mind map helped me identify key components such as the app loader splash screen, the ‘Find a Trail’ section with the geographic location filter and additional filters, and the ‘My Trails’ section with favorited and upcoming trails that can be edited. Understanding the intended users, including health and fitness enthusiasts as well as individuals, groups, and families, allowed me to create an energetic and attractive look and feel that would resonate with them. Furthermore, I ensured compatibility with both Apple and Android platforms to reach a wider audience. Lastly, I took into account the project constraints, including a budget of $10K – $15K and a tight deadline of 3 months. This holistic approach, guided by the mind map, enabled me to design a user-friendly and engaging app experience that promotes eco-friendly exploration and supports the goals of Fineskar Inc.


As a designer, I believe in the power of visual storytelling, and the card thumbnails sketches showcased here are a testament to that philosophy. Each thumbnail represents a unique design concept, carefully crafted to capture the essence of the ‘Gone Walkabout’ app. Through these sketches, I explored various visual styles, layouts, and color schemes, aiming to create a visually striking and intuitive user interface. Each card represents a different section or feature of the app, allowing viewers to get a glimpse of the app’s functionality and experience. These sketches served as a starting point for the app design process, paving the way for further refinement and development. I’m excited to present these initial concepts, which embody my passion for creating compelling and user-centric designs


Exploring the world of UI/UX design through the “Gone Walkabout” app prototype has been an exhilarating and enriching experience. As a first-time user, delving into the realm of user interface and user experience has been both fun and cool. Interacting with the prototype has allowed me to witness firsthand how design choices shape the way people engage with digital products. From navigating the intuitive interface to experiencing the seamless flow between screens, it has been an eye-opening journey. This hands-on encounter has sparked a newfound passion within me for crafting delightful and user-centric experiences. I am excited to continue my exploration in UI/UX design and apply the valuable lessons learned from this prototype to future projects, where I can create meaningful and enjoyable interactions for users.

The problem and how I solved it

Before the design of the “Gone Walkabout” app, Fineskar Inc. faced several challenges in promoting and supporting eco-friendly exploration. Potential users had limited access to information about walks, trails, and hikes, making it difficult to plan their outings. There was no centralized platform for searching and filtering trails based on geographic location, distance, time, fitness level, or user ratings. This lack of comprehensive information hindered the ability of health and fitness enthusiasts, individuals, groups, and families to make informed decisions about their outdoor activities.

However, after the design of the app, a significant transformation occurred. Users now have a user-friendly and visually appealing interface that empowers them to easily find suitable trails. The introduction of customizable filters allows users to refine their search based on specific criteria, ensuring that they can discover walks tailored to their preferences. The inclusion of a “My Trails” page enhances user engagement by enabling them to favorite, rate, share, and plan upcoming walks. With compatibility for both Apple and Android devices, the app reaches a broader audience, fostering a community of eco-conscious explorers.

Overall, the design of the 'Gone Walkabout' app has bridged the gap between eco-tourism and technology, revolutionizing the way people engage with outdoor activities. By providing a comprehensive and accessible platform, the app has transformed the experience for users, empowering them to discover and enjoy eco-friendly walks, trails, and hikes like never before. In addition, I have also taken into consideration the needs of individuals who may not be technologically inclined. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, I have ensured that even those who are not comfortable with technology can easily navigate and make the most of the app. By creating a simple yet powerful app, I have made it possible for a wider audience, including those who may have been hesitant to embrace technology, to engage with the benefits of eco-friendly exploration and enjoy the beauty of nature."